Quinces, characteristics of a forgotten fruit

The is a sort of hybrid between apples and pears. At one time the Quince was among the confectionery popular. A legend associated with this fruit is said that the quince represented the emblem of Venus, symbol of good luck and fertility in wedding parties at the time of the Gods.
The pulp, compact and firm, is astringent and sour, Therefore this fruit is rarely eaten fresh. The meat the fruit is rich in pectin, which makes the quince particularly suitable for the preparation of jams and as a thickener.

marmellata di mele cotogne Mele cotogne, caratteristiche di un frutto dimenticato

Un barattolo di marmellata di fatto in casa

The quince is presented with a round and rather large, its color is yellow or light green, the skin is characterized by a slight fuzz that is gradually disappearing with age, while the pulp is compact and rather hard, widely used in the kitchen.
The slightly sweet and sour taste of quince does not depend on the absence of sugar, but rather by the presence of the same in the form of long chains. Through cooking the quince long carbohydrate chains are fragmented, So the mass assumes a sweeter taste and intense, releasing a pleasant smell, very similar to honey.

frutto mele cotogne Mele cotogne, caratteristiche di un frutto dimenticato

The fruits of quinces

The quince provide only 26 Kcal per 100 grams of product, therefore also suitable for people with diabetes or those who need to follow a healthy diet.
The quinces are source of vitamins, especially in, C, B1, B2, and PP, as well as malic acid, tarnaico and mineral salts, including potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and magnesium.
This fruit can boast emollient, sedative, antibacterial, inflammatory digestive, tonic and astringent, this is due to the high presence of tannins that perform a protective action towards the intestinal mucosa and slow peristalsis.
Eaten cooked, the quince has a strong laxative property, stimulating and facilitating intestinal motility through the generous presence of fiber and pectin.

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