Pasta frolla senza burro, basic recipe

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The è una delle classiche basi adottate in pasticceria per realizzare svariati confectionery, as well as being the basis for obtaining infinite cookies. La classica si realizza con l’aggiunta del burro ma può essere realizzata anche con l’olio. This suggest the replacement only when you are devoid of butter or if you are intolerant and can not do otherwise. Furthermore, we suggest only try to prepare some types of cookies and do not eat per base tarts (even though many use it for any use). With this recipe, in particular, we have developed the so-called "delicious Neapolitan" but it is also suitable to make some simple cookies for breakfast.

pasta frolla senza burro Pasta frolla senza burro, ricetta base

The pastry oil is particularly elastic and moldable and this is the reason why we do not use to achieve the tarts (we get a base too thin).

As for the classic recipe of shortbread in this case also prefer to make the dough rest for a relatively long time (2 the 3 hours of rest in the fridge). It, as often happens, do not have time to let the dough rest in the fridge for several hours, you can prepare it the day before.

The procedure of processing of ingredients, instead, is different.

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, basic recipe

pasta frolla senza burro 150x150 Pasta frolla senza burro, ricetta base

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    The pastry is a classic pastry bases adopted in order to achieve various confectionery, as well as being the basis for …



    1. On a work surface you place the flour, icing sugar, yeast to confectionery e la vanillina. Stir quickly dusts and create a hole in the center. Add 1 whole egg and 1 yolk, sbatteteli with a fork and started to knead (photo 1 and 2).
      pasta frolla 1 2 Pasta frolla senza burro, ricetta base
    2. Incorporate gradually the oil until obtaining a compound compact and smooth (photo 3). Wrap the dough with plastic wrap (photo 4) and put it in the refrigerator (in the lower part because it is the most fresh) to 3 hours (even an hour is fine but we prefer to follow the rest time taken for the pastry).
      pasta frolla con olio 3 4 Pasta frolla senza burro, ricetta base

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