, a classic dessert that never fails. In fact, this is the light version, if I may say so, because it replaces the sponge cake with pavesini, of cookies light that lend themselves well to the making of this sweet. La caratteristica di questo con pavesini è la realizzazione della , thus making it also suitable for those who are intolerant to this food.

tiramisu con pavesini Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova

I had always prepared the tiramisu in the most classic, with ladyfingers. This version of tiramisu with pavesini I made her try for the first time a friend of mine. In fact I was not very convinced, but you know that it is important to experiment in the kitchen, many times you will discover unimaginable combinations, so I accepted willingly to try it and the result was…love at first bite! The pavesini make the tiramisu soft, si scioglie in bocca. Certo l’effetto leggerezza è annullato dall’uso del , but we can advise you, if you want to keep the line, to use as a substitute for the ricotta and sweeten your coffee with the docificante. You will eat a dessert is good, but with half the calories. Among our recipes will also find the version, even more substantial, with nutella and white chocolate. Read the recipe here Tiramisu white with Nutella.

button print grnw20 Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova
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Tiramisu con pavesini

tiramisu con pavesini 150x150 Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova

Di admin Pubblicata: April 24, 2013

  • Resa: 6 Persone servite
  • Preparazione: 20 minuti

Tiramisu con pavesini, a sweet easy and fast.



  1. Whip the cream with the special whips. Sweetened coffee and dilute it with water.
    ingredienti tiramisu Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova
  2. Unite . Start by wetting the pavesini and form a first layer in the tray.
    ricette pavesini Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova
  3. Pavesini distributed over the cream with mascarpone. Spolverate with cocoa.
    ricette mascarpone Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova
  4. Continue to have Pavesini wet in coffee and alternating with the cream and mascarpone.
    tiramisu mascarpone Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova
  5. Finish with a final dusting of cocoa. Refrigerate for a few hours and enjoy your meal!
    tiramisu Tiramisu con pavesini senza uova

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